Low Energy Wireless Monitoring
SensoNODE wireless pressure, temperature and humidity sensors work with mobile app to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively monitor applications.
Designed to eliminate the challenges of traditional wired sensors in everyday applications, our SensoNODE Low Energy Wireless Monitoring Sensors can help predict problems and prevent downtime in a variety of equipment and facility applications, saving time and money on costly labor or repairs.

Advanced sensor technology

Small in size and easily installed, SensoNODE Wireless Sensors offer a sealed sensor housing to facilitate sensor location in challenging environments. The three individual sensor options (pressure, temperature, humidity) are compatible with a wide range of liquid and gas applications. They operate on a common coin cell battery for extended periods of time.

Intuitive mobile app
Our free iOS app allows you to optimize and troubleshoot equipment performance throughout your facility by monitoring pressure, temperature, and humidity through easily installed SensoNODE Low Energy Sensors. With a maximum range of up to 150 feet, the easy to use mobile app connects iOS devices wirelessly to one or more sensors to display live data, trending graphs, or user defined alerts.
  • Medical devices
  • Laboratory and analytical equipment
  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Automation / assembly equipment

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  • Three different sensor options: pressure, temperature, and humidity
  • Wireless communication with Auto Sensor recognition
  • In-app diagnostic tools
  • Downloadable app
  • Low power operation
  • High accuracy for each sensor type
  • Able to monitor a variety of equipment, media, and applications
  • Easy installation – just locate, place, and monitor
  • Alert notifications and trending
  • Available on the go
  • Extended battery life
  • More precise reading of data source
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