Nitrogen Generators Save Winemakers Time and Money
Protect Wine from the Negative Effects of Oxygen
Using nitrogen gas in the food & beverage market and wine-making process will protect the wine from the negative effects of oxygen. The presence of oxygen promotes the growth of yeast and aerobic bacteria, which can cause spoilage and alter the aroma, color, and taste of the final product. Nitrogen, however, displaces oxygen and therefore eliminates oxygen's negative impact. It is common for winemakers to use nitrogen when purging or blanketing tanks, racking barrels, flushing bottles, and at any point where the wine comes in contact with air.

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Sources of Nitrogen
There are two ways to obtain nitrogen: Delivery from an outside vendor, or by an in-house nitrogen generation system.

Benefits of In-House Nitrogen Generation

An alternative approach to having nitrogen delivered by an outside supplier is to generate nitrogen in-house. This eliminates the administrative hassle of dealing with nitrogen delivery and constantly wondering if you have enough nitrogen for your operations.

A nitrogen gas generator, which separates nitrogen and oxygen from a compressed air supply, is a very cost-effective way to supply nitrogen for a wine-making operation. Benefits include:
  • Long-term price stability
  • No contract administration with bulk gas suppliers
  • Reliable, long-term supply of nitrogen in-house
  • No supply shortage, especially when production increases
  • More cost-effective and reliable compared to tank delivery

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A nitrogen blanket, reducing the
oxygen concentration to less than
0.5% minimizes contact between
oxygen and the wine surface during
storage (both pre and post bottling)...