Welcome to the Virtual Engineer
Parker's Virtual Engineer is an innovative design tool for linear motion applications in industrial automation. Save engineering time with three simple steps:
  • Enter application details using the intuitive interface
  • Size and select products based on expert recommendations
  • Seamlessly submit an RFQ
As you enter your motion specifications, a list of possible solutions appears on your screen. If any specification exceeds a particular actuator’s capability, it is eliminated from the choices. 
Using Virtual Engineer is easy...graphical interfaces and drop-down choices make quick work of describing your application. Currently. Virtual Engineer is ready to support you in two product lines: Electromechanical and Pneumatic linear motion solutions. Please choose a technology above to learn more and try Virtual Engineer free of charge!
After all specifications are entered, a “Compare” feature will show you the differences between the remaining products, including expected life and relative cost. This information can then be saved, downloaded, or submitted to Parker for a price quote. 
A new level of design collaboration at your fingertips
Virtual Engineer presents an intuitive interface for you to enter application details for speed, load, external forces, then accurately sizes the product, generating a custom report and seamlessly creating an RFQ. Virtual Engineer provides a new level of design collaboration with Parker motion control experts, and by doing so, can take the load off your own engineering team. 

Intuitive interface
Smart choices presented to you
Compare your options
Two technologies available today
Watch a brief introductory 
video here:
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