Enabling businesses to effectively test the integrity of their filters, validate critical control points and reduce the risk of product recall
Valairdata 3
Monitoring critical control points is an essential and often overlooked section of the HACCP.

Testing filter integrity is required to ensure complete sterility of gas and air which may come into contact with the product,. Sterile gas therefore limits the possibility of product contamination and ultimately, product waste.

Valairdata 3 is the latest generation of Parker's unique sterile gas integrity testing system. Using an innovative aerosol challenge, the Valairdata 3 simulates exposure to a stream of bacteria as small as  0.1-0.3┬Ám.
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Simulates bacterial challenge

In-situ integrity testing

Test completed within 30 seconds

Integrated touch screen

Light, compact and portable

USB data storage


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Best practice for the provision of sterile gas in dairy processing