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The Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Problem Parker Solutions for the New OSHA RCS Standard

Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Wet Method Hose Solution for Pneumatic Jackhammers and Breakers

Parker Twinhammer Hose

Parker developed its Series 7084 Twinhammer™ Dual Air/Water Jackhammer Factory Hose Assemblies as an integral component of a dust suppression system to help meet the OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Standard. These assemblies are easy to handle and maneuver in application, and perfect for use with industrial air compressors, jackhammers and common water supply connections. They are offered as stocked factory hose assemblies and available for immediate delivery.

The new twin line hose system concurrently:

  • transfers air to power heavy duty pneumatic jackhammers/breakers
  • transfers water to suppress silica dust produced by tool operation
  • helps create a safer and more efficient work environment

Twinhammer hose assemblies feature durable abrasion resistant and chemically bonded lines that provide easy handling. The design eliminates the need for intrusive clamps, straps, tape or zip ties used to improvise a makeshift harness for independent air and water hoses.

The assemblies incorporate universal end styles for quick connection / disconnection to the air supply, and rust resistant brass male NPT couplings for easy attachment to the water supply and spray nozzles.

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Series 7084 Twinhammer Dual Air/Water Jackhammer Factory Hose Assemblies

Twinhammer assemblies are easy to handle and maneuver in your application.

Jackhammer Retrofit Kit

The Parker Jackhammer Retrofit Kit enables easy and convenient installation onto virtually any pneumatic jackhammer used in the construction industry, and can be used as part of an OSHA-compliant wet method hose system for silica dust suppression.

The kit includes the hardware and attachment components to retrofit many models and generations of traditional jackhammers.

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The Parker jackhammer retrofit kit enables easy and convenient installation.

Jackhammer Retrofit Kit from Parker Hannifin

More Information about RCS for Construction and Parker Solutions

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Read More About the OSHA Standard

Request Parker Summary Guide to the new OSHA RCS StandardDownload our RCS Summary Guide to learn:

  • What are the primary issues for construction worker health and safety?
  • What are the compliance deadlines for Construction, General Industrial, Marine and Hydraulic Fracturing / Fracking industries?
  • What are the silica dust exposure level thresholds in the construction industry?
  • Which types of equipment and tools are included?
  • What are the compliance methods and which are preferred?
  • What are the types, effective dates and amounts of noncompliance penalties?
  • What are workers’ rights?

…and other OSHA RCS Standard issues as they apply to construction.

Request Parker Summary Guide to the new OSHA RCS Standard

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