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Condition Monitoring for Solar Panels from Parker Hannifin

Condition Monitoring for Solar Panels

Voice of the Machine™ Cloud Software and SensoNODE™ Gold Sensors create a singular, cloud-based solution that lets end-users remotely monitor the amount of pressure applied to a solar panel’s tracker system.

The sensors continuously monitor pressure levels and transmit the data to the cloud, which users can access via an internet browser.

With Voice of the Machine Cloud Software and SensoNODE Gold Sensors, users can:

  • Access asset data from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Monitor and address the long-term and immediate health of panels and trackers
  • Receive alert notifications of issues by email, text and in-system messaging
  • Export data for analyzing later
  • Allow multiple personnel to monitor data from multiple locations for improved labor efficiency

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How it Works?

Pressure sensors applied to trackers take consistent readings of hydraulic load. With immediate and historic readouts of the applied pressure, users can identify any spikes in pressure beyond what the tracker is built to handle. Those sudden surges are good indicators of potential structural damage.

By monitoring the readouts, users can isolate and identify arrays that may have incurred damage after strong winds, pinpointing which panels need immediate attention. This helps to increase maintenance efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Alert notifications also warn of potential structural damage. Users can set specific pressure thresholds that, if the pressure rises or falls out of the specified range, a message is sent via email, text, or in-system messaging to notify the user.

Data trends can also show when a tracker is working harder to keep a solar panel in its proper position. This may indicate a faulty part, like a motor, which needs to be replaced before the entire unit breaks down.

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