The New Fuel Filter Water Separator for marine gasoline.
SNAPP is big protection for small engines with flows up to 40 gph and makes every filter change literally a snap. Fast, easy, clean. No tools are              needed – when it's time for service, simply                      snap in a new filter. Simple installation                            and a patented priming system                                   mean that protecting your                                         engine investment is now ...                                    a SNAPP.
The Heart & Soul of Ultimate Engine Protection.
Aquabloc media is both corrugated and pleated to present a massive and effective filtration surface area. This design innovation slows fuel velocity to improve coalescing and filtration efficiency.
Water droplets coalesce on the outside of the composite media and fall into the collection bowl to be drained away.
After water is removed, an engineered compounded media traps 99% of solid contamination, even microscopic particles of dirt and rust.
Aquabloc elements are available in 2, 10, 30 micron ratings to match filtration level to fuel quality, operating environments and service schedules.
Installation is a snap.
Install Bracket
Snap In
Quick Connect
SNAPP primes in seconds, no muss, no fuss.
Introducing the fastest, cleanest fuel
filter change on earth. It's a SNAPPTM

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Connect the old filter to the new with the bridge coupling
Flip the old filter, open the drain to prime the new, remove and reconnect.
For E10 gasoline
diesel & bio-diesel.