Gas Delivery ProductsGas Delivery
From bulk gas delivery to mixing, tool hookup, etching and testing, our high purity and ultra high purity products offer integrated solutions that work together seamlessly to increase throughput, ensure media purity, and reduce expensive downtime. They include the following:

Boosting efficiency, lowering cost at the fab

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Compact Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Compact Ultrasonic Flow MeterApplications: Liquid delivery, wafer cleaning, slurry
Offers greatly increased accuracy (plus or minus 2% of reading)

  • Provides a higher turndown ratio. Handles higher concentration acids, slurries, and other typical semiconductor process fluids

HPX1 Series High Purity PFA Heat Exchanger for high resolution process temperature control

HPX1 Series High Purity PFA Heat Exchanger Application: Wafer cleaning
Special PFA tubing enables high performance temperature control of chemicals. Transfers heat to surrounding fluids while ensuring process purity and safety through a leak-proof design.

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New from Parker:

NEW Ultra high purity, competitively priced FR Series regulators

FR SeriesApplications: Valve manifold boxes, point-of-use tool hookup and gas cabinets
Parker’s FR 1000 and FR 1400 Series of ultra high purity single-stage regulators provide precise, stable control of process gases in downstream point-of-use applications, reducing short- and long-term costs for semiconductor OEMs, integrators, and fab facilities.

For complete details, download the FR 1000 Series bulletin or FR 1400 Series bulletin.

Product Configurations: FR 1000 | FR 1400

NEW Cost-saving UHP Metal Face Seal and Weld Fittings
UHP FittingsApplications: Valve manifold boxes, gas cabinets and tool hookups
Specifically designed for ultra high purity (UHP) semiconductor applications. Compact design allows for system miniaturization and close coupled spacing. Permanent heat code marking on wetted components provides full material traceability. All new products are available in SEMI F20 compliant material.

For complete details, download the UHP metal face seal and weld fittings bulletin

Product Configurations:
UHP Metal Face Seal Fittings | UHP Welded Fittings

NEW Corrosion-Resistant Series 22 Valves for wet etching and clean applications

Applications: Wet etch and wafer cleaning
New ultra clean manual and pneumatic valves offer increased flow and provide better seat sealing for enhanced leak-free performance and greater safety.
  • Deliver high cycle life in acids and slurry with reduced maintenance
  • Compact footprint with a true lock-out, tag-out design
  • Meet SEMI F57 standards
For complete details, download the 22 Series Valve (1/4" and 3/8") bulletin and 22 Series Valves (1/2" and 3/4") bulletin.

Download the Fluoropolymer Material and Chemical Compatibility Guide

High Cycle Speed Valve offers increased cycle life, greater reliability
High cycle speed valveApplications: ALD, high speed switching for process gases
The HCS1 Series is a UHP stainless steel diaphragm valve that performs up to 100 million cycles on cycle tests with a response time of less than 10 ms.

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New innovative products combine with our legendary legacy offerings to improve performance, productivity and profitability all over the fab.
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  • Series 22 manual and pneumatic valves
  • PFA/PTFE Valves (check, needle, relief, diaphragm, 2-way, 3-way)
  • Specialty and custom manifolds, welded assemblies, surface mounts, valve assemblies, and customer components
  • Flow meters
  • Tube and pipe fittings
  • Regulators
  • Water spray gun
  • Heat exchangers
  • Gauge protectors
  • In-line static mixer
  • Thermocouple sensor assembly
  • 6" diameter custom pressure vessels
  • Fittings
Fluid Delivery ProductsFluid Delivery
Our fluid delivery products have been designed for use in high purity semiconductor fluid applications. They offer excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals, as well as maximum flow and high cycle life for less downtime and lower replacement costs. They include the following:
Legacy Products

Download: Semiconductor Microelectronics Brochure

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  • UHP Metal Face Seal Fittings
  • UHP Weld Fittings
  • VacuSealTM
  • MiniButtweld
  • VAC100 Series
Fittings and More
  • 935 Series
  • 945 Series
  • 955 Series
  • FS190 Series
  • SM930 Series
  • 930 Series
  • F9 Series
  • Quantum 830
  • 700 Series
  • 855 Series
  • 845 Series
  • 970 Series
  • 1004 Series
  • 600 Series
  • 18R Series
  • 17R Series
  • FR Series regulators
  • SQ Series UHP point-of-use
  • SQHP Series
  • QR4000 Series
  • NPR4000 Series
  • BFR5K Series
  • SQB Series
  • SMSQ2 Micro Series
  • QRM and QRMHF Series
  • SMQRM and SMQRMHF Series
  • HF1200 and HFT1200W Series
  • IR4000 Series
  • SQ2MICRO Series
  • 959W and NPR959W Series
  • SQServo
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