Product Examples

Wide Range of Application in
and outside Sealing Technology

  • Abstreifer
  • Anti-Extrusionsringe
  • Dünnwandige Membranen
  • Führungselemente
  • Rotordichtungen
  • Slipper Seals (Profilierte Dichtkantenringe)
  • Konstruktionsteile

    With its outstanding properties profi le nobrox® is extremely versatile: as a sealing element, guiding element and anti-extrusion element in sealing technology. Furthermore, the material is superbly suited for use in a wide range of engineered components.

    nobrox® as an Engineering Material
      Today, designers of machines, systems, functional assemblies and industrial or consumer goods of any description can choose from a tremendous range of materials
      to design their products. Th anks to the powerful innovations achieved by materials science and process engineering this range keeps growing at a steady pace.

      Parker’s new nobrox® material is a fi ne example of these continual innovations.
      It belongs to the group of polyketones (PK). Due to its outstanding properties the
       material, in addition to its versatile uses in sealing technology, is also superbly
      suited for utilization as an engineering material for all types of industrial and
       consumer goods.