Material Properties
nobrox® Put to the Proof:

Demonstrably Outstanding Properties Profile
Phase Shift
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Low friction
The resilience of a material under changing loads is another key characteristic with respect to dynamic applications. A seal must be able to quickly follow the deflection of the rod without loss of contact. nobrox® exhibits exceptionally good resilience, which not only makes the material ideally suited for use as a sealing compound in dynamic applications but considerably simplifies installation and eliminates the need for subsequent calibration.

Due to the high elasticity of the material seals made of nobrox® do not have to be calibrated after Resilience installation in the grooves. Thanks to the material’s equally high resilience users can easily perform even kidneyshaped installations

Dynamic Behavior
The dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) method enables the determination of the “delta” phase shift which describes the difference between deflection and response (recovery) when a sine-shaped mechanical load is applied to the material sample. The smaller the “delta,” the faster the response to the applied deflection, in otherwords the faster the seal will follow a deflected rod. Therefore,materials with a small “delta” should preferably be used.