Fields of Application
Food Applications
Food Applications
Robust, Elastic and Food-Compatible nobrox® W6101
nobrox® W6101 is an evolution of nobrox® W6100 for which the additivation has been specifically adjusted to the needs of food applications.
W6101 belongs to the family of modified aliphatic polyketones.
Advantages at a Glance
  • Mechanical properties comparable to PA 12 with approx. 40 K higher melting temperature of 220 °C
  • Permanent service temperature of up to 150 °C
  • Good resilience and low creep
  • High chemical resistance / good barrier properties
  • Very short cycle times (fast recrystallization)
  • Low moisture absorption of 0.4 % at 23 °C,
    50 % relative humidity
  • Extremely high ultimate elongation
  • Very good tribological properties / good sliding properties combined with low wear
  • Good impact resistance at -40 °C
  • Flame-protected without halogens and red phosphor
  • Very good weldability (laser welding,
    vibration welding, etc.)
  • Gamma sterilization possible
  • Outstanding reproducibility of dimensions and tolerances