Gold Cup® - IE
A Smart Approach to Maximizing Pump Performance

Gold Cup® - IE combines the brawn of Gold Cup series pumps with the intelligence of operational sensors and a fully-connected, Predictive Analysis Engine, offering real-time insight into pump performance and operational usage while maximizing uptime and the lifecycle of your product.
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Intelligence is Built In

On-board sensors monitor fluid, pressure, temperature and more, analyzing performance and alerting you when
there is a risk of failure.
On-board Sensor Icons
Gold Cup - IE Computer with Dashboard Interface
Insights that Drive Better Business Decisions

A powerful Predictive Analysis Engine uses data and analytics to build intelligence over time so your pump can work harder, smarter and longer.

  • Reduce downtime and service costs with actionable, real-time insights.
  • Drive efficiency by optimizing performance and protecting your product.
  • Protect your Gold Cup pump and maximize its lifecycle.   

How do you improve upon 40+ years of industry-leading performance?

By incorporating next generation technology and connectivity.

Here are five ways that Gold Cup IE's fully connected sensor and predictive analysis engine - will help you work harder, smarter, and longer.
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The Perfect Solution for Jobs that Require Dependability

Gold Cup - IE is designed for strenuous applications where downtime is not an option.

  • Ship Steering / Positioning
  • Rotary Kilns
  • AHC Cranes
  • Replenishing at Sea Systems (RAS)
  • Oil & Gas CAPS Equipment
  • Chemical Mixers
  • Drill Rigs / Mining Equipment
  • Autonomous Equipment
  • Shredders
Gold Cup - IE Applications
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