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Voice of the Machine

Voice of the Machine™ Cloud Software & SensoNODE™ Gold Starter Kit

Parker Hannifin

The perfect introduction to Parker’s cloud-based monitoring solution.

Start the Voice of the Machine™ Cloud Software and SensoNODE Gold experience with this easy to use Starter Kit.

The Starter Kit allows you to see all the benefits of remotely monitoring assets without interrupting production.

Voice of the Machine

Part Numbers

QN-KIT-05 - AT&T Cellular Network
QN-KIT-06 - VZW Cellular Network

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3 Easy Steps:

1. Install Sensors
2. Power-up Gateway
3. Log into SCOUT Cloud

Voice of the Machine Cloud Software & SensoNODE Gold Starter Kit includes:

150 psi Pressure Sensor and 5800 psi Pressure Sensor

(1) 150 psi Pressure Sensor
(1) 5,800 psi Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensors measure the most commonly used pressure ranges.

SensoNODE Gold Temperature Sensor

(1) Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensors measure in-line or ambient temperatures.

Adapters and Cable

(1) Vibration Sensor

Parker's SensoNODE Vibration Sensors provide a simple and effective way to measure vibration of industrial machinery.

SensoNODE Gold 4-20mA Transmitter

(1) 4-20mA Transmitter

4-20mA Transmitter reads third-party, wired sensor measurements and transmits them wirelessly.

SensoNODE Gold Gateway System

(1) Repeater

The repeater is a single-hop network range extender for Gold sensors connected to Gateway.

SensoNODE Gold Gateway System

(1) Gateway

The gateway is the control center of the system which receives the data from the sensors and transmits to Voice of the Machine Cloud.

Adapters and Cable

(1) M12 Cable
(2) Adapters

M12 connection cable (6.5ft) to connect third-party sensor and 4-20mA transmitter. Pipe adapters to convert SAE O-ring port to NPT.