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What is PREMIERTM Conductive Plastic for EMI Shielding?

Parker Chomerics PREMIER conductive plastic is the world’s first commercially available conductive thermoplastic for real world electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions. It is an electrically conductive plastic that delivers superior reliability, making metal to plastic housing conversions possible for demanding electronics applications. The shielding effectiveness of PREMIER is far greater than that of carbon-filled ESD (electrostatic discharge) plastics.  

Why is that? Because PREMIER conductive filler technology utilizes nickel plated carbon (Ni-C) fibers as the base filler, as opposed to carbon black. In the case of higher shielding versions, Nickel-Graphite (Ni-C) powder is blended with the fiber base to deliver enhanced performance. 

Combined with standard injection molding processes, PREMIER technology delivers evenly dispersed filler throughout a part’s geometry. PREMIER parts have no resin rich areas prone to EMI leaks, and no brittle, resin poor areas that can break under stress. PREMIER provides world class shielding effectiveness, requires no machining, plating, painting, vacuum coating, or other added processing steps.

The elimination of secondary operations can reduce costs by up to 50% compared to die castings, bent formed metal, machined extrusions and plated plastic parts.
PREMIER Plastic Pellets

Unique Filler Technology

PREMIER EMI shielding performance is based upon a proprietary filler technology which optimizes materials, dispersion and morphology. The filler matrix within PREMIER starts with a nickel plated carbon (Ni-C) fiber. Electrolytic plating with nickel establishes excellent adhesion to the flexible carbon core, preventing stripping off of the nickel during the injection molding process. Enhanced shielding performance and part fill is achieved by the addition of nickel plated graphite powder.

By optimizing particle shape, size distribution and particle-to-fiber ratio, up to 85 dB of shielding effectiveness is obtained. The powder is integrated into the PREMIER’s uniquely engineered filler system delivers 6 sigma molding performance at various costperformance break points. Unlike stainless steel fiber fillers, the carbon core will bend and flow around and into cavity details without breaking or clogging. The inherent material properties of both nickel and carbon make PREMIER a highly lossy (dissipates energy) material that is paramagnetic.

To ensure even dispersion, the Ni-C fibers are treated with a unique, proprietary dispersion technology. The dispersion agent when combined with the low sheer mechanical action experienced in the injection molding process delivers a randomly oriented, evenly dispersed and interlocked fiber matrix within the polymer. Only Chomerics has a dispersion agent that effectively promotes an even matrix throughout complex part geometry. Only PREMIER eliminates the gate clogging typically found with EMI shielding plastics. When dispersed the engineered fiber matrix provides the optimum filler morphology for performance. The foundation of PREMIER’s EMI shielding performance is the high aspect ratio Ni-C fiber. The long pathways of uninterrupted electrical conductivity provide low bulk conductivity. A minimum level of fiber is needed to provide effective EMI shielding and all grades of PREMIER have this level.

To increase performance, particulate nickel graphite powder is added to the base fiber matrix to create higher shielding grades. The inclusion of powder to augment the fiber matrix is indicated by “HF” in the material grade designation (Figure 2).

PREMIER is a single component pellet system. The polymer is cross head extruded on top of the dispersion agent treated Ni-C fiber tow. The “HF” grade has nickel graphite powder that is compounded into the polymer. The polymer-filler system is chopped into pellets ready for injection molding.

The pellet length optimizes the conductive fiber aspect ratio to maximize shielding. The single component system eliminates mixing or weighing at the press, fiber nesting and clogged extruder throats. PREMIER parts provide shielding effectiveness greater than 85 dB to meet global commercial EMC requirements. PREMIER provides the electrical conductivity, EMI absorption, and mechanical durability to replace aluminum and plastic housings that have been metallized or conductively coated.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Greater than 85 dB shielding effectiveness
  • Low through resistance down to 30 m Ω
  • Highly conductive
  • High permeability (6.5) increases shielding effectiveness
  • Lower total cost of ownership through elimination of secondary operations
  • Six sigma processing
  • Waste elimination
  • Global supply available for rapid delivery

Which PREMIER Conductive Plastic is For You?

There are many choices when it comes to fabric-over-foam SOFT-SHIELD gaskets from Parker Chomerics. Is compression set a concern? Is the application in sheer? What shielding requirements do you have? Is it just a grounding applications? Or perhaps you have green initiatives you need to meet. You'll find a SOFT-SHIELD solution for just about any shielding need.

Filler Level
Surface Resistance (Ohm/sq)
Through Resistance (Ohm/sq)
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-k)
Flammability Rating
UL 94 HB
UL 94 V-0
UL 94 V-0
UL 94 V-0
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