Discover Parker Chomerics package level EMI shielding solutions for PCBs and semiconductor packages.

Parker Chomerics CHO-SHIELD® 604 Package Level EMI Shielding Coatings

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) coating solutions such as CHO-SHIELD® 604 provided by Parker Chomerics are suitable for high volume applications like mobile phones, IoT connected devices, and mobile electronic devices. By applying Parker Chomerics EMI coating solutions to semiconductor devices and printed circuit boards, electronics manufacturers can address EMI issues at the source without impacting product design cycles.

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Parker Chomerics ABSORBER COATING 9101 Non-Conductive Absorber Coating for Printed Circuit Boards and Semiconductor Packages

Absorber Coating 9101 is designed to absorb electromagnetic waves at frequencies below 10 Ghz to reduce board level EMI issues. An electrical insulator, Absorber Coating 9101 can be applied directly over a printed circuit board (PCB) or section of a PCB where extraneous electromagnetic waves may potentially cause EMI issues. Absorber Coating 9101 is formulated for precise application on PCBs using state of the art manufacturing equipment for seamless integration into any high-volume manufacturing environment.

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About Parker

The Engineered Materials Group from Parker Hannifin develops and manufactures engineered sealing and shielding solutions and is committed to the continued development of high performance materials for the semiconductor industry. Our presence globally allows us to work with OEMs from anywhere in the world as a development partner in designing and engineering new and innovative solutions.


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