Cooler Rapid Ship Program

At Parker, we’re in the business of keeping you in business. When time is money and you need to get a critical part to your client, our Cooler Rapid Ship Program, has you covered. The experts at our Accumulator and Cooler Division can manufacture up to four coolers with a quick turnaround, minimizing downtime and saving money. In as few as three weeks, your client will have the unique part they need to get production up and running, saving the job and making you a hero
ULHC Cooler

No minimum order: Our premier product support means a quantity of one gets it done.

Includes the most popular oil cooler products (ULAC, ULOC, ULDC, ULHC. ULRM)  and water cooler products (OAW). 

We have increased specific componentry in house to assemble and ship standard configurations to be built and shipped in the window of time that you require

Program Highlights:

  • 10 frame sizes
  • 6 different AC motor options for ULAC models
  • 3 motor & 4 different pump options for ULOC models
  • 12 & 24 volt DC motor options for ULDC models
  • 3 bypass options for ULAC/ULHC/ULOC/ULDC models
  • 12 different OAW brazed plate water oil coolers
External tube pressure bypasses (SB/SG/SH options), full flow external bypasses (they are available as a separate line item) and 195 thermoswitches are not included in this program.
There is no additional cost for the Rapid Ship Program. All applicable cooler orders automatically ship within three weeks or less unless notified by our customer service department. For more information, find a distributor near you.