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Parker Conductive Coatings for Reducing EMI in Semiconductors

Electromagnetic interference or EMI coating solutions such as CHO-SHIELD® 604 provided by Parker Chomerics are suitable for high volume applications such as mobile phones, IoT connected devices, and mobile electronic devices. By applying Parker Chomerics EMI coating solutions to semiconductor devices and printed circuit boards, electronics manufacturers can address EMI issues at the source without impacting product design cycles. 

Utilizing standard high volume semiconductor manufacturing equipment to apply coatings directly to IC chips and printed circuit boards allows for fast design cycles and reduced capital equipment costs. Currently deployed in millions of mobile electronic devices globally Parker Chomerics has delivered repeatable results with superior performance.   I   Ph: 781 935 4850
CHO-SHIELD® 604 Package Level EMI Shielding Coatings
Conductive coatings applied to five sides of the component provide EMI shielding by grounding the device to the PCB internally.
  • Saves valuable board space (smaller, thinner)
  • Increases overall device functionality
  • Enables lighter electronic devices
  • Decreases warranty cost due to EMI issues
  • Shorter product cycles
  • More adaptable to design changes
  • Enables faster prototyping
  • Quicker to market means quicker sales
Save Space, Increase Function
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Partnering to Provide Precise High Volume Spray Solutions

Parker Chomerics has teamed up with Nordson ASYMTEK to use its Select Coat® Conformal Coating System with a DispenseJet® applicator to apply thin coatings of Parker Chomerics’ new CHO-SHIELD-604 conductive coating, to achieve a target thickness of 25 µm.

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