Metal-to-Conductive Plastic Conversion for Major Radio Communications Manufacturer

A global manufacturer of radio communications equipment wished to replace an existing stamped metal housing with a lighter, more effective solution which would allow for access to the device for enhancements and repairs, without soldering. This solution still needed adequate EMI shielding, all while meeting specific cost requirements.

Shield between the display of a radio and a PCB within the radio
Easily installation within the radio
Shielding of 40 dB at 1.9 GHz
Easy access to the PCB within the radio for repairs, no soldering required
One piece solution

Low cost, short lead time
Excellent EMI shielding
Molded in pockets for clearance of PCB components

The Parker Chomerics PREMIERTM A240-HTHF conductive plastic housing provided superior EMI shielding, with less weight than the traditional metal housing, all the while allowing for access to the internal components for field repair.

The customer’s pricing expectations were far exceeded, giving them a real edge over their competitors. 


Chomerics designed a PREMIERTM A240-HTHF “Shield” that would get installed onto the PCB. This shield will be sandwiched between the PCB and the display of the radio.
This PREMIER “Shield” meets all of customer’s needs and creates a real niche solution for Chomerics and ensures a very competitive edge over our competitors.