Electronics Component Manufacturer Requires EMI Gasket Which Does Not Shed Particles

A large electronics component manufacturer was experiencing electrical shorts caused by a competitor’s EMI shielding gasket materials releasing particles into the system.   The manufacturer set out to replace these materials and also find shielding material with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for peel and stick assembly.

Offering superior shielding performance
No release of harmful particles
Lower compression force requirement than the competitor’s product
Material offered w/ PSA for peel and stick assembly
Easily die cut to shape of area necessary

Conductive woven fiber for superior shielding
Non-shedding material to prevent particulation
Die-cut gasket with PSA backing for peel and stick assembly

Parker Chomerics SOFT-SHIELD® 4800 fabric-over-foam EMI shielding gaskets offers a conductive woven fiber for superior shielding, which can be easily cut to shapes with PSA backing for peel and stick assembly. 

SOFT-SHIELD® 4800’s composition does not shed particles like the competitor’s materials did, thus preventing system damage.


The recommended solution for this electronics component manufacturer was to use a Parker Chomerics SOFT-SHIELD® 4800 series conductive foam gasket material as an ideal solution.

Because SOFT-SHIELD® 4800 is made of conductive fibers and not a coating, it does not shed particles that can cause system damage. 

SOFT-SHIELD® 4800 delivered better shielding performance than the competitor’s material, and is easily converted to a die cut shape from roll stock. This allowed for quick prototyping of sample parts for side by side testing.