Electronics Component Manufacturer Requires Conductive Grommet for Cable Slot Pass-Through

An electronics component manufacturer required a conductive grommet for a rectangular slot where cables pass through and into a back panel. This solution must be functional in a high tolerance application.

Offering superior shielding performance
No release of harmful particles
Lower compression force requirement than the competitor’s product
Material offered with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for peel and stick assembly
Easily die cut to shape of area necessary

Low compression allowing for easy installation
Large compression range allowing for reliable function at a wide tolerance range
PSA tape for peel and stick attachment

Parker Chomerics SOFT-SHIELD® 3500 met the needs of the customer’s cost and EMI shielding performance requirements. 

Our ability to offer overnight samples, as well as a low compression force, cost effective solution that was easy to install, with minimal tooling investment, meant the customer was taken care of quickly and efficiently. 


The recommended solution for this electronics component manufacturer was to use a Parker Chomerics SOFT-SHIELD® 3500 series fabric-over- foam EMI gasket.

Using a standard gasket profile, parts were cut to allow for fabric flaps at each end to provide an EMI seal on every contacting surface. 

PSA was added, extending end to end which allowed for self retention of the gasket within the assembly.
The solution was cost effective and met and exceeded all EMI shielding requirements.