Global Manufacturer of Computer Server Cabinets Requires Multiple EMI Shielding Vents

A manufacturer of commercial electronics requires vents in two locations on an OEM cabinet enclosure. Both vents required high air-flow and mid-level EMI shielding. A unique requirement for this application was the frame complexity required to properly made with the customer’s chassis. 

Achieve shielding of 40-50 dB
Unique frame complexity
Highly custom gasket configurations

Two vent locations
Good EMI shielding
High air flow
Cost effective
Engineering design and support

Parker Chomerics designed a STREAMSHIELDTM style frame featuring a single layer of 1/8” cell aluminum honeycomb which allowed for airflow to be maximized. 

A second layer was not necessary to meet shielding requirements. A full frame, with EMI gasket and honeycomb media was proposed as a single assembly. This allowed us to add custom reliefs in the metal frame to properly mate to the customer’s chassis, as well as offer the customer a single part number to meet their requirements.


Parker Chomerics’s experienced CAD designers were able to work with the customer’s chassis models and come up with a STREAMSHIELD vent frame with 1/8in cell aluminum honeycomb with an EMI gasket. 
Without this internal engineering effort and experts, Chomerics would not have been able to successfully design the customized frame and offer the value added, framed assembly as one easy to order part number.