Computer Manufacturer Requires EMI Shielding of Expansion Ports for Future Upgrades

A desktop computer features a series of expansion ports designed for future consumer upgrades. These ports need to be covered for both mechanical and EMI protection. Snap-in plastic covers covered provided decorative and mechanical protection, but lacked the necessary EMI shielding. A low cost EMI shielding solution was needed.

40 dB reduction in EMI emissions
Reliable electrical ground to chassis
Removability in the field
Low-cost, easy installation

Kiss-cut resealable dielectric laminate exposing conductive PSA for 360-degree peripheral grounding
Pull tabs for fast removal of resealable dielectric film
No mechanical hardware required for installation
Low cost, short lead time
Excellent EMI shielding

The Parker Chomerics CHO-PATCH solution featured resealable dielectric EMI shielding which provided a low-cost alternative to fastener-mounted metal plates and plastic covers. This material is available in both bulk rolls or in custom designed configurations.


Parker Chomerics custom designed a foil/film CHO-PATCH shield from Chomerics’ new resealable dielectric EMI shielding laminate. The shield features a resealable pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) liner so that the foil can be easily bonded to the chassis.

It is a low cost solution that is ideal for customers looking for lightweight, reliable EMI shielding without the need for hardware for installation.