Parker Sporlan Catalogs

The following is a selection of Sporlan references available for download. All information is in portable document format (.pdf).

If you would like to receive pricing and/or paper copies of literature, please contact your Sales Office or contact Sporlan Division by phone at (636) 239-1111.

Number Title Date Pages
Catalog 201 Condensed Catalog of Sporlan Products May 2011 76
Catalog 301 Condensed Catalog of Sporlan Products March 2011 64
Catalog 410A Energy Conscious A/C Solutions April 2011 48
Catalog 744 Subcritical CO2 Innovations - Energy Conscious Products & Solutions for Supermarkets March 2015 37
Catalog A-1 Filter-Driers June 2018 28
Catalog A-1b Filter-Driers VS and BFVS Series June 2018 8
Catalog C-1 Accumulators and Receivers May 2016 17
Catalog D-1 Refrigeration Solenoid Valves & 3-Way Heat Reclaim Valves December 2016 60
Catalog D-1d 7V Series Solenoid Valves January 2016 16
Catalog G-1 Chemicals, Lubricants and Accessories April 2012 30
Catalog G-1a Vibration Absorbers January 2012 4
Catalog H-1 Ball Valve Series June 2016 8
Catalog J ZoomLine October 2015 4
Catalog K-1 ZoomLock Catalog K-1 May 2018 30
Catalog OEM-1 Couplings - OEM June 2017 36
SD-405 ZoomLine Refrigerant Line Assemblies January 2015 4
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