Microbial retention in both aerosol and liquid phases
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Sterilizing grade filter for critical gas filtration applications in food and beverage
Most manufacturing plants are warm, humid, environments which offer the perfect conditions for proliferation of bacteria. In food manufacturing plants, airborne bacteria can contaminate products.

For complete control of microbial contamination of food and beverage products, all gas which comes into contact with the product during storage or packaging should be sterile filtered in order to avoid contamination.

ASEPT-X filters have been designed specifically to provide sterile gas for critical processes within the food and beverage industry and are capable of withstanding over 100 reverse steam in place cycles without condensation management, five times longer than the next best alternative.

Able to withstand reverse steam sterilization with no condensation management

Complete assurance of process sterility

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Best practice for the provision of sterile gas for the dairy industry

Reduce filtration consumable spend by over 50%