Approved ZoomLock Refrigerants
The refrigerants below are approved for ZoomLock Flame-Free Refrigerant Fittings.
 R-290*   R-600*   R-600a*  R-1234yf R-1234ze  R-125   R-134a   R-143a    R-32    R-404A   R-407A   R-407C 
R-407F R-410A R-447A R-448A R-449A R-452A R-452B R-507A R-513A R-718
(Non-Potable Water)
R-407B R-407G R-407H R-417A R-421A R-422A R-422B R-422C R-422D R-424A R-427A R-434A
R-437A R-438A R-445A R-446A R-449B R-449C R-450A R-451A R-451B R-452C R-453A R-454A
R-454B R-454C R-455A R-456A R-513B
*Flammable refrigerants. Check with Local Building or Mechanical Code Officials.