Parker Wet Spline Technology Eliminates Fretting Corrosion on PTO pump shaft
Wet Spline Technology
Eliminating Spline Fretting

Premature spline fretting or wear on the pump spline shaft is often caused by the torsional vibrations found in the latest engine designs that operate at low speeds and high torque. 

In the past, keeping the pump shaft lubricated was an extensive process that had to be incorporated into the preventive maintenance schedule of the truck. Every two to three months the pump must be removed from the PTO and mating shafts must be cleaned and regreased.

The Chelsea Wet Spline hydraulic pump shaft lubrication system for PTOs eliminates the process by providing a constant flow of clean fresh oil to the PTO and Pump shafts. This is most critical when the PTO is disengaged, and the mating shafts are most affected by the engine torsional vibrations. 

Wet Spline technology from Parker Chelsea is the best choice for power take-off performance, hydraulic systems maintenance and pump life. 

Wet Spline Benefits...
Reduce System Maintenance Time - Wet Spline does not require special inspections or greasing of mating shafts
Increase Uptime -Eliminate fretting corrosion between mating shafts (PTO and pump) to keep trucks on the road working.
Simplified Installation - One Wet Spline hose to connect for quick installation.

The flooded pump cavity of a Wet Spline PTO output eliminates the effects of...
spline wear or fatigue...
and spline corrosion
Parker Wet Spline PTO System Prevents Fretting Corrosion.
Parker Wet Spline Technology Prevents Spline Wear.
Parker Wet Spline Technology Eliminates Spline Corrosion.