Voice of the Machine™ is Parker’s industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform - an open, interoperable and scalable ecosystem of connected products and services. Voice of the Machine makes it easier and more cost effective for you to remotely monitor assets to improve safety and reduce risk, maintenance cost and unplanned downtime while uncovering hidden opportunities to improve efficiency.

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Today's digital ecosystems are creating new opportunities for manufacturers to save and make money in ways never before possible up and down the value chain. Learn how a discrete approach to the Internet of Things can lay the foundation for growth. Get the eBook.

Listening to the Voice of the Machine

With Parker Voice of the Machine™, it's significantly easier and more effective to remotely monitor assets. This can dramatically reduce risk, maintenance costs and unplanned downtime while revealing more and more opportunities to improve efficiency. And we're only in the infancy of this utterly transformative technology. Get the white paper.

Using IoT Analytics to Build Customer Solutions

Parker is dedicated to delivering actionable insights on the many discrete components and subsystems it sells to customers. As such, it is devoting significant resources to component modeling of its connected products. This means customers can rely on Parker to simplify their own analytics journey by delivering product-level insights that they can then aggregate to their system-, machine- and fleet-level solutions. All of this powered by Parker’s Voice of the Machine™ IoT platform. Get the white paper.

Staying Ahead of Industrial Cybersecurity Threats

Technology fueling the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to advance at a rapid pace, changing the way industrial companies operate. However, the benefits of this technology come with certain security risks. Ransomware. Malware. Worms. Viruses. Phishing scams. Account hijacking. These unfortunate cybersecurity threats are a very real part of the IoT landscape. Parker’s Voice of the Machine™ IoT platform is designed to remotely monitor assets, keep critical systems productive and continually improve cybersecurity safety for customers. Get the white paper.

Predictive Beyond Preventative Maintenance

The ever-changing competitive environment in today’s industrial markets is forcing owners and operators to maintain their assets in satisfactory operating condition. Traditional monitoring of selected equipment or processes is labor intensive with parameters being monitored one at a time, recording their conditions, and analyzing trends. In addition to consuming valuable man-hours and creating potentially dangerous situations, traditional monitoring results can be inaccurate, thus increasing downtime and maintenance costs. Parker’s Voice of the Machine™ IoT platform provides a means of consistently capturing, communicating, and recording real-time and historic data from networks of physical objects such as process equipment and vehicles with embedded sensors, software, and network connectivity. This enables plant operators to detect equipment problems and process inefficiencies sooner, resulting in efficiency improvements and reductions in costs. Get the white paper.