Detect Equipment Problems and Process Inefficiencies Sooner

The ever-changing competitive environment in today’s industrial markets is forcing owners and operators to maintain their assets in satisfactory operating condition. Traditional monitoring of selected equipment or processes is labor intensive with parameters being monitored one at a time, recording their conditions, and analyzing trends. In addition to consuming valuable man-hours and creating potentially dangerous situations, traditional monitoring results can be inaccurate, thus increasing downtime and maintenance costs.

Parker’s Voice of the Machine™ IoT platform provides a means of consistently capturing, communicating, and recording real-time and historic data from networks of physical objects such as process equipment and vehicles with embedded sensors, software, and network connectivity. This enables plant operators to detect equipment problems and process inefficiencies sooner, resulting in efficiency improvements and reductions in costs.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • How condition monitoring and predictive maintenance can reduce maintenance costs.
  • The importance of accurate diagnostics in maintaining process-critical assets.
  • How connected solutions enable predictive maintenance in multiple industries.
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