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Introducing The New Ultra Low Carryover Valve

Increasing Throughput, Reducing Carryover, and Simplyfing Fluidic Circuits in your Clinical Diagnostics or Analytical Instrumentation

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How can the Ultra Low Carryover Valve help improve your fluidic system design?

  • Improve Throughput

    By reducing carryover, wash times are decreased, thereby increasing throughput.

  • Decrease Fluid Circuit Volume

    The Ultra Low Carryover’s small internal volume and manifold mount capability help minimize fluidic circuit volumes saving reagents and speeding reaction times.

  • Reduce Waste

    Liquid volumes used are decreased by reducing wash times, which lowers liquid and disposal cost.

  • Longer Life

    Eliminate the need to replace pinch valve tubing or internal pinch valves, which reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

These features translate into more samples per hour and reduced cost per sample, major cost drivers in most laboratories.

best in class carryover performance

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Compared to the Ultra Low Carryover Valve the previous industry leading valve required 65% more time and liquid to reach a 10ppm carryover level.

Reducing Fluidic Circuit Complexity

A single Ultra Low Carryover valve can replace two or more valves in your fluid circuits

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Reducing Carryover and Improving Fluidic Circuit Efficiency in Laboratory Instrumentation

Advancements in Noise Reduction Techniques for Medical Equipment Manufacturers


This white paper discusses how to reduce carryover and improve efficiency in fluidic circuits.

Download this white paper to learn about reducing carryover in laboratory instrumentation:


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