PROPOR TFF Hollow Fibre Filters
PureTec is a complete TFF development system with real time data collection, automated pressure control, and scaleable parameters for easy technology transfer.
Combining unique and innovative SciLog® sensing and control technologies with renowned filtration expertise, Parker's compact and scaleable range of automated single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems accelerate your drug to market and reduce your purification costs.

Automated Single-Use TFF Systems
SciPure is a fully-automated TFF system with user-friendly interface and menu driven data acquisition (21 CFR Part 11) making it ideal for GMP manufacturing.
SciFlex TFF is a semi-automated TFF system that automatically monitors, adjusts and documents process parameters to maximize efficiency.
SciFlex TFF Semi-Automated Bioprocessing System
Single-Use TFF Set-Up
PureTec Automated Laboratory TFF System
SciPure Automated GMP-Ready TFF System
PROPOR TFF hollow fibre cross flow filters
With the introduction of the PROPOR TFF cross flow filter range, Parker can now provide a complete TFF solution for your microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications.  
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