Chelsea Power Take-Offs (PTOs)
Parker Chelsea Smart Start Technology for PTOs
Smart Start Technology

Parker Chelsea Product Division has once again responded to the needs of the market by developing an innovative patent pending PTO protection solution for high inertia start-up applications.

Smart Start can be ordered as an option on 249, 272, 280, and 870 Series power take-offs to reduce the impact of high-torque/inertia demands for applications such as compressors and product pumps. Smart Start allows the PTO to come up to speed in a safe and efficient manner without sacrificing HP, it controls the system pressure that is used to engage the PTO's clutch pack, enabling it to absorb torque spikes and provide a smooth engagement. Therefore, it helps protect the transmission, PTO system and driven equipment from the potentially damaging shock loads found in certain types of applications.
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Product Features and Benefits...
  • Absorbs torque spikes and provides a smooth PTO engagement
  • Prevents damaging shock loads found on certain types of applications with heavy-duty trucks
  • Pressure/lube hose is included with the PTO
  • Available with driveline output options only (DIN 120 flange, DIN 100 flange, 1410 companion flange and 1 -1/4" keyed round shaft)

Parker Chelsea Smart Start Chart