• Eliminates damage from over-tightening
  • Zero tolerance for easy plumbing
  • Reduces loosening caused by vibration
  • Unlimited reusability
  • Reduces galling potential due to special dry film lubricated nuts
  • Available in tube and hose sizes 1/4" to 2" (6mm to 50mm) and pipe sizes up to 2" NPS
  • Capable of working pressures up to 5850 psi with temperatures as low as -328°F (-200°C) and as high as 1,200°F (650°C).
  • SAE/AISI 316/316L stainless steel materials for corrosion resistance.
  • Meets requirements of ASME B31.1 and BS31.1
Seal-LokTM Xtreme Fittings for Extreme Temperatures
Leak-free connections for  combustion turbine and other power gen/renewable energy applications
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Seal-Lok Xtreme has been extensively tested in areas of thermal cycle and shock, Helium Mass Spectrometer leak testing and hydrostatic and cyclic pressure testing, as well as the standard industry requirements of SAE J1453.
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Seal-Lok Xtreme
Seal-Lok Xtreme Fitting for Extreme Temperatures
Parker Hannifin
All around the world, the cost of turbine downtime is a critical issue. Parker has created Seal-Lok Xtreme, a robust, leak-free connection that addresses the need for reliable fuel connections in extreme-temperature applications. An industry necessity, it utilizes a patented metal seal to extend the temperature capabilities of the industrial standard O-ring face seal design to an impressive range of -328°F (-200°C) to 1200°F (650°C). Proven benefits of this design are its resistance to over-tightening, zero clearance assembly, unlimited reusability, ease of assembly and vibration resistance, making Seal-Lok Xtreme an ideal solution for power-generation applications.  Visit our blog.
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“Applications such as liquid natural gas (LNG) and gas combustion turbines often pose challenges to a tube fitting’s elastomeric sealing. Rather than using a standard sealing ring, Seal-Lok Xtreme fittings utilize a patented metal sealing ring that improves sealing dependability against the severe temperature or chemical compatibility issues that reduce the life of elastomeric seals.”

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