AC10 IP66

- 0.2 kW…90 kW IP66 in 6 Frame Sizes
- Simple, Reliable and Economical
- RS485 / ModBus Comms
- Volts/ Hertz,Sensorless Flux Vector
  & PMAC Control Modes
- Conformal Coating for Class 3C3
- 0.2 to 15kW @ 400V
- 0.2 to 2.2kW @ 230V

AC10 IP20

- 0.2 kW...180 kW IP20 in 11 Frame Sizes
- Simple, Reliable and Economical
- RS485 / ModBus Comms
- Volts/ Hertz, Sensorless Flux Vector
  & PMAC Control Modes
- Conformal Coating for Class 3C3
- 0.2 to 180kW @ 400V
- 0.2 to 2.2kW @ 230V

AC Drives

Range Overview 0.2 kW - 2,000 kW

DC Drives

Range Overview 1A - 2,700A

AC30V Series Variable Speed Drive

Flexible modular construction
High reliability - 3C4 conformal
   coating for H2S environments
- 7 Frame sizes
0.75 - 250 kW power range
Powerful programming with 
  IEC61131 language
DNV Marine Certification  
Inbuilt TCP IP communication port
Wide comms range options
Induction motor open loop, Closed
  loop control and PMAC open loop

Three Phase Digital 590P series

- From 15A to 2700A .

- 2Q and 4Q fully controlled armature

- Field weakening available

- Very powerful software with master slave, 

- winder blocks, tension control as standard

- 230, 500 and 690V versions.

Parker's range of AC drives are designed to meet the needs of today's engineering challenges and provide excellence in motor

speed and torque control. With drive solutions for simple control, through multi-motor process line applications and all the way

up to high power grid-tied power conversion systems, Parker's drive technologies are built upon the principles of Simplicity,

Reliability, Flexibility and Capability.

Global AC Drive Solutions to Improve Productivity and Save Energy


Modular Chassis High Power AC Drive

- Power 110 to 400kW @ 400 and 690V AC

- Modular power components concept

- Low MTTR and high reliability

- Wide comms options.

- Operating modes > Volts/Hertz

                                   > Sensorless vector

                                   > Full flux vector

- Motor compatibility > AC Induction

                                     > Torque motors

                                     > PMAC servo motors

- Feedback options > Sin/Cos encoder

                                    > enDat encoder 2.1

                                    > Incremental encoder

                                    > Resolver

AC890 Series
High Performance Modular Systems Drive
- Ratings – 0.75kw to 90kw CT
- I/c Voltage – 230V, 400V and 500V AC
- Applications – Winders, process lines,    
  phase control, load sharing
- Very powerful software
- Peer to peer available
- Can run PMAC motors,
- Most feedback options possible,
  Sin/Cos encoder
  enDat encoder 2.1
  Incremental encoder
- Common DC bussing very easy

- Powerful software
- Very reliable
- Wide range of comms options
- 0.75 to 900kW.
- Open loop “Volts / Hz” Drives,    
  Sensorless vector, closed loop controls.
- Active Front End

Global DC Drive Solutions to Maximise Flexibility and Increase performance

With 40 years of worldwide application experience, Parker assists its customers in improving productivity and reducing energy consumption with a comprehensive, robust range of DC drives and drive systems. Parker DC drive products are sold, supported and serviced worldwide, with solutions from simple speed control to complex multi-motor coordinated process control. Parker DC drive products are easy to configure and commission, with simple but flexible function block-based configuration tools and connectivity with all major industrial fieldbus networks.

Single phase Analog DC Drives
- 506, 507, & 508 series ( Armature 3, 6 and 12A ratings) 
- 512C ( 2Q) & 514C ( 4Q) series with fully isolated controls ( Armature 4, 8, 16 and 32A with 3A Field)
Fly Shearing Line

Industrial Applications

Parker Automation Group has manufacturing 
operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, offering customers unparalleled local delivery, service, and support, as well as products that conform to regional certification requirements while 
meeting global and industry-specific quality and reliability standards.

The group’s component, subsystem,and system level solutions serve both high-volume OEMs and custom machine builders, providing them with the mix of
features and performance they need to engineer success every day. 

Marine - Frequency conversion

Featured Solutions: 
- 890 Series AC drive
   - Powerful software
   - Absolute encoder feedback
   - Common DC bussing
   - Peer to peer communication
- 590P Series DC Drive
   - Easy and flexible software
   - Peer to peer communication
   - Wide range of communication options

Featured Solutions:
- 890PX Series Inverters
   - Power upto 2MW 
   - Complete solution including LC filters
   - Certifications as per requirement
   - Marine rated

Test Rig
Featured Solutions:
- 890P Series AC drive
   - 890P on common DC bus
   - Total solution
   - Powerful software with master-Slave as standard
   - Upto 2MW 
   - AFE solutions 
- 590P Series DC Drive
   - Powerful and flexible software
   - Solutions available upto 6000A
   - Retrofit with existing stacks possible

Pipeline Extruder Line

Featured Solutions:
- 590P DC Drive Series
   - Easy and flexible software
   - Peer to peer communication
   - Wide range of communication options
- AC30V Series AC Drives
   - High reliability
   - Flexible
   - Wide range of communication options
- AC10 Series AC Drives
   - High reliability
   - Economical 
   - High torque at low speeds

Featured Solutions:  
- AC30V Series AC Drives
   - AC30V closed loop  with ethernet as standard and codesys tool
   - AC30V Flexibility
   - Turnkey Solution
- 590P Series DC Drives
   - Winder software as standard
   - Load sharing  possibility
- 690P Series AC Drives
   - Winder software as standard
   - Common DC bus
   - AFE 
- 890P Series AC drives
   - Winder software as standard
   - Common DC bus
   - Very powerful software

Wiring and cable / Converting

Featured Solutions:
- 890PX Grid Tie System
   - Upto 2MW 
   - Indoor and outdoor types
   - Complete solutions with HMI, PLC and LC Filters
   - Powerful software with UL 1747 compliance
   - >98% efficiency
   - Complete solutions including battery containers

Energy Storage System- Frequency Regulation

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