Grid-Tie, Energy Storage and Actuation Solutions
for PV/CSP Solar

Turnkey Solutions for your Solar Application
Please join Parker's Energy Platform Solutions team at the upcoming Solar Power International show, September 10-13 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Our offering features a compact outdoor Power Conversion/Energy Storage System, complemented by an outdoor central solar inverter, both employing two-phase evaporative liquid cooling technology and modular compact designs. We will also feature axis tracker solutions with our hybrid actuator system that uses an intelligent position feedback sensor, as well as our independent wireless condition monitoring sensors for hydraulic pressure. To learn more about what we will display and launch at SPI, please click on the product sections below.

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From smart sensing actuation solutions to power conversion and energy storage, Parker continues to innovate.

Turnkey Solutions for your Solar Application
End to End Solutions for PV/CSP Solar, Grid-Tie and Energy Storage
SolarPower International 2017
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Product Overview: Hybrid Actuator System (HAS) with Intellinder smart sensor!

Hybrid Actuator SystemParker has developed a robust, self-contained hybrid actuator system that provides utility scale PV developers with an ideal solution for adding PV pitch control into large solar field installations. The compact system is a completely self-contained unit combining a double-acting actuator, pump, and electric motor that eliminates nearly all leak paths into or out of the package. It offers clear advantages over comparable electromechanical actuator (EMA) systems because all the internal wear items are permanently lubricated for extended life and the power density of HAS is typically three times that of a comparable EMA. Designing a hybrid actuator into a pitch system allows designers to move more PV panels with fewer actuators and controls, resulting in lower installation costs and longer service over the life of the solar field.

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Reinvent Active Solar Tracking through the use of Parker’s Hybrid Actuation System (HAS) actuators. Featuring the controllability of electromechanical actuators combined with the power density, longer life, and resistive force capabilities of traditional hydraulic systems. The resulting hybrid offers a robust, long-life tracking solutions for solar power.
Solar Actuation Solutions - Hybrid Actuator System
A new standard in corrosion resistance extending rod life up to 8x compared to traditional coatings.
Specifically designed to enhance Parker cylinder performance in demanding high-humidity outdoor applications with corrosion resistance requirements. When compared to traditional rod coatings, Global Shield provides significant improvements over traditional chrome coatings.

   • Lower Friction – no need for lubrication
   • Stronger Adhesion to the carbon steel substrate
   • More Ductile & Tough so when the rod bends, it does too
   • Engineered Hardness (HRC 54 minimum) for maximum
      wear-resistance (eliminates surface micro-cracks and

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Booth #1545
SolarPower International 2017
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Visit our booth at Solar Power International in Las Vegas, NV from September 10-13 to learn more about our solutions or use use the form below.
GlobalShield Anti-Corrosive Rod Coating
SensoNODE™ Mobile Sensors & Diagnostics
Featuring NEW SensoNode Gold smart condition monitoring for solar panel actuation.
SensoNODE Mobile Sensors & Diagnostics
This low-power wireless sensor provides condition monitoring for hydraulic system pressure changes in solar panels that are affected by weather (wind, rain, etc). Transmits real-time analytics to your iOS 8 mobile device, using Parker's proprietary SCOUT mobile software technology. Learn more about Mobile Condition Monitoring for Solar Panels.

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OUTDOOR Power Conversion Systems and Central Inverters
Smart, compact, modular

Outdoor Power Conversion Systems
The Parker 890 GT-S Outdoor Central Solar inverter is a 1kV utility scale modular unit available in ratings through 1950 kvA. Coupled by the 890-GT-B Power Conversion system for energy storage, both units feature a modular design and field replaceable power modules to facilitate maintenance and service.

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Energy Storage Solutions

Additionally Featured on HAS:  NEW! Universal Tilt Sensor
Providing solar panel controls with closed loop position feedback, the Parker Universal Tilt Sensor (UTS) is a 2-axis or 3-axis MEMS based device that detects absolute position of a solar panel within a range of ±90° from horizontal. Featured at SPI on the Parker Hybrid Actuation System (HAS), Parker’s proprietary UTS can also be integrated with any solar panel control system able to communicate with the SAE J1939 CAN protocol.

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Parker offers turnkey solutions for Energy Storage containers. Parker’s cold plate and component cooling solutions deliver localized cooling of hot spots with low development costs, and are well-suited for radar and EW transmitters, directed energy weapons, and power electronics. Solutions range from single- to two-phase cold plates.

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Photovoltaic Solar Inverter from Parker
Sneak Preview! Photovoltaic Solar Inverter
Rugged, modular, high power density
With extensive experience in power electronics and energy storage, Parker has one of the largest installed bases of Power Conversion Systems in the world. Visit our booth and see our new Photovoltaic Solar Inverter!
Universal Title Sensor from Parker Hannifin