Right Tube + Right Fitting + SBEx
= High Integrity Solution
The Small Bore Expert (SBEx) training courses involve theory and practical work in the following topics:
  • Tube identification
  • Tube specification - wall thickness, materials and hardness
  • Tube preparation, storage and handling
  • Tube bending methods - spring back, tube gain, offset
  • A-Lok and CPI identification - size, material and heat code traceability
  • Cone and Thread
  • Material specifications (PREN, CPT, CCT)
  • Correct make up procedure
  • The use of "no gauges", tube insertion gauges

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Ensure your Instrumentation Engineers avoid potential fitting failures with a course on correct fitting assembly and material selection. 

Suitable for fitters, technicians and maintenance personnel, this course gives hands-on training to help your organisation save time, reduce overheads and increase safety. Attendees benefit with increased understanding of small bore tubing systems, components and improve on systems safety and integrity. 

This course contains content focused on applications, technologies, installation, inventory management and safety. 

The course is typically held at your premises and lasts 6 hours with a maximum class size of 6 per session.
Parker Instrumentation Products Division is pleased to offer two Small Bore Expert (SBEx) training courses:
  • SBEx Training - Low Pressure
  • SBEx Training - High Pressure (Autoclave)
Small Bore Expert Training (SBEx)
The correct, safe assembly of the Instrumentation tube connections guarantees a leak-free connection, first time, every time.
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