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Low Carryover Performance with Particulate and Crystallization Resistance

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R9 Diaphragm Rocker Isolation Liquid Valve

Improves performance of analytical chemistry instruments requiring precision fluid control. At just 9 mm wide it can reduce the size of your multi channel sample preparation and delivery modules or it can be easily mounted over microplates to eliminate transfer lines, which improves performance. This new valve series will enable more efficient designs that reduce fluid usage and increase throughput.

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Benefits of Using a High Flow, High Pressure Liquid Valve in Laboratory Instrumentation

Benefits of Using a High Flow, High Pressure Liquid Valve in Laboratory Instrumentation


Clinical diagnostic and analytical chemistry instrument manufacturers and device developers are challenged with designing smaller, higher throughput, lower reagent consumption devices to enable the lowest sample testing costs possible and improve patient care.

Download this white paper to learn how isolation valves help to:

  • Decrease sample prep time
  • Reduce the amount of reagent needed
  • Lower cost per sample
  • Increase throughput

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FFKM 0.030 100 R9-324FF3H4F-000
FFKM 0.030 60 R9-324FF3L4F-000
FFKM 0.061 40 R9-324FF6H4F-000
FFKM 0.091 20 R9-324FF6L4F-000
EPDM 0.030 100 R9-324EP3H4F-000
EPDM 0.030 60 R9-324EP3L4F-000
EPDM 0.061 40 R9-324EP6H4F-000
EPDM 0.061 20 R9-324EP6L4F-000

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