Chelsea Power Take-Offs
Quiet Gear Technology

Parker Chelsea's QT GearTM assembly design for PTO systems smooths out the torsional vibrations found in diesel engine applications, but does not affect the durability or torque capacity of the Chelsea PTO. Drivers of work trucks are going to appreciate the quite operation of a PTO with QT Gear technology. Reducing gear noise always helps to make drivers more comfortable and allows them to be more productive. The reduced Db rating from Parker's 870 Power Take-Offs (PTOs) create a competitive OEM advantage to increase your revenues through gaining access to noise restricted markets.

This new technology can be applied to nearly all our PTOs which are engine driven by a live PTO drive gear in transmission. Extensive developmental work and testing was done in the USA, Australia, and Europe, encompassing engineering analysis, advanced modeling; durability tests; Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) testing; fatigue testing; and field testing. Designed and developed at Parker Chelsea's Division Headquarters in Olive Branch, MS, in conjunction with internal and external expert resources, the Parker Chelsea's QuietGearTM technology for transmission PTO is yet another example of our commitment to quality solutions through advanced design, development, and manufacturing practices.
Product Features and Benefits

The QT Gear technology for Parker Chelsea PTOs dampens torsional diesel rattle that can excite normal PTO gears.This robust design provides you with:

  • Audible gear noise reduction (based on independent testing)
  • No change to torque capacity
  • No change to durability

Available by ordering the "QT" Input Option for 10-Bolt Allison Transmissions
Parker Chelsea PTO 870 Series
Parker Chelsea PTO 890 Series
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