• Market-Driven Innovation
  1. Parker’s strategy is to achieve market-driven innovation by spending time with the end users of its products and technologies. It is through the understanding of their unmet needs that Parker will generate the best innovation ideas.

• System Solutions
  1. With the broadest range of motion and control technologies, one of Parker’s key strengths is delivering efficient, reliable, high-performance systems which enable customers to improve productivity and profitability and simplify their supply chain. The company has a target of 40% of its revenue from system sales.

• Strong Distribution

  1. One of Parker’s greatest assets is its world-class distribution channel. Continued focus on expanding this channel in emerging markets and balancing the distribution-to-OEM industrial sales mix is expected to position Parker for long-term growth.

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• Grow Share
  1. A key solution to the challenge of increasing revenue will be to grow share, both with key accounts and within target markets.

• Engineering Expertise

  1. For Parker to achieve its financial performance goals and make a positive impact on the world, it will need the right engineering skill sets at each of its global locations staffed with highly motivated and inventive engineers.
• Organic Growth 150 bps > Market
  1. Parker’s goal is organic growth at a rate of 150 bps greater than the market each year, which accommodates natural fluctuations in end market growth while emphasizing the need for Parker to grow share and outperform the market.

• Grow Distribution & Services
  1. Measured globally, the mix of industrial sales through distribution and OEMs should be evenly split, as a balanced portfolio will further ensure healthy margins and future growth. Parker will improve its services platform, leveraging technology to help increase customer profitability and to reduce costs and downtime.

• Increasing New Product & Systems Sales
  1. Guided by feedback received from customers, Parker engineers are discovering new ways to reduce weight, improve performance and increase the efficiency of the products and systems the company delivers.

20%+ Market Share
  1. Parker will strive to account for at least 20% of the $120 billion motion and control technologies market.

• #1, #2 Position Each Group
  1. Each of Parker’s seven operating groups strive to establish a leadership position within their respective markets through organic, acquisition and services growth.