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Visit Booth #2601 at POWER-GEN 2018 to see how Parker offers the most comprehensive product and system solutions for today’s power generation environments. Learn more about our filtration products, sealing and shielding, sensors and diagnostics, heated enclosure system, combustion turbine and energy storage solutions. And don't forget to stop by our Instrumentation Tech Truck in the TOPGOLF parking lot.

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Visit Parker at Power-Gen 2018 - Booth 2601

Stop by Booth #2601

Visit the Parker Tech Truck in the TOPGOLF parker lot

Visit the Tech Truck
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Parker's Customer Appreciation Event

We are hosting our Customer Appreciaton Event at TOPGOLF on December 4th from 6:30 - 9:30pm. If you are a Parker Customer and would like to attend, please RSVP.

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Featured Products at POWER-GEN 2018

Parker's QuickFit Oil Change System

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QuickFit Oil Change System

The QuickFit system provides an accessible, single point connection that allows oil extraction directly into the final waste containment. The same connection point is then used to refill the system with new oil. This reduces the total number of steps in the oil change process and eliminates any risk of safety hazards or spills.

Clearcurrent Pro SX vCell Inlet Filter

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Clearcurrent Pro SX vCell Inlet Filter

Parker Hannifin's clearcurrent filter business offers extremely high levels of turbine protection in a wide range of environments with its selection of inlet filters. Our 40 years of expertise in gas turbine air intake design has influenced the development of this water-resistant filter with its high dustholding capacity to prolong filter life and significantly lower operating costs.

Voice of the Machine Software and SensoNODE™ Sensors

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Voice of the Machine™ Software and SensoNODE™ Sensors (IoT Empowered)

Whether you require route-based monitoring or continuous remote monitoring, there is a Voice of the Machine and SensoNODE solution to meet your needs. When used together, Voice of the Machine Software and SensoNODE Sensors create an advanced condition monitoring solution that delivers vital measurement data and analytics to help drive optimal tactical, operational, and strategic decisions, leading to maximum uptime.

Hybrid Actuation System (HAS)

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Hybrid Actuation System (HAS) with Intellinder Smart Sensor

Parker has developed a robust, self-contained hybrid actuator system that provides utility scale PV developers with an ideal solution for adding PV pitch control into large solar field installations. The compact system is a completely self-contained unit combining a double-acting actuator, pump, and electric motor that eliminates nearly all leak paths into or out of the package. It offers clear advantages over comparable electromechanical actuator (EMA) systems.