PROPOR TFF Hollow Fibre Cross Flow Filters
No pre-flush
Cost savings
Time savings
PROPOR TFF single-use hollow fibre filters have been developed so as not to require a storage preservative and that means no time consuming pre-flushing prior to use. In fact an 80-fold reduction can be achieved when using PROPOR TFF single-use filters (glycerin-free) compared to PROPOR TFF reusable filters (glycerin-stored).
A hollow fibre TFF filter format provides a more effective method for packaging filter membrane than cassettes or flat sheets which can significantly reduce the cost per filter area. In this example, a single 41 inch PROPOR TFF hollow fibre filter is compared to 10 cassettesin an ultrafiltration application, both giving a total filter area of 5 m2. The cost is 4-6 times higher for cassettes. 
By switching to a fully disposable flow path, including TFF filter, up to 5 hours of facility time can be saved during ultrafiltration applications compared to reusable cassettes. This is achieved by eliminating pre and post-use water permeability tesing, pre-flushing, pre and post-use cleaning and cassette storage operations.
Single-Use TFF Operations
Benefits of PROPOR TFF single-use filters
TFF Automation
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