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The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin is a leading supplier of miniature fluidic components and system solutions integral to global medical and analytical instrumentation. Product technologies include miniature solenoid valves, proportional valves, multimedia valves, application-specific manifolds, pumps, and electronic pressure controllers.

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Parker Precision Fluidics is the premier global provider of miniature fluidic components and system solutions integral to the world’s life sciences. Our product portfolio includes miniature pneumatic, proportional and liquid control valves, diaphragm pumps, thermal mass flow and electronic pressure controllers, high-precision regulators and rotameters. If you require the most efficient design, production and delivery Our products are designed and manufactured in the USA of enabling technologies for medical devices - the answer is simple, Partner with Parker.

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New and Featured Products

BTX Pump

Parker’s BTX-Connect pump product line combines best in class diaphragm pump design, innovative ‘connected’ brushless motor technology, ultra-low vibration, and advanced manufacturing techniques to bring a next-generation solution to next-generation device needs. The BTX-Connect Pump is designed to provide high performance with superior quality and reliability. The options for Motor Control, Single Head, Dual Head, Pressure only, Vacuum only, and Pressure/Vacuum configurations offer a wide range of solutions with the support of Parker’s Global Teams.

ULC Valve

Parker Hannifin Precision Fluidics Division is excited to introduce the Ultra Low Carryover Valve, a new liquid valve that features both Ultra Low Carryover performance and the ability to reduce fluidic circuit complexity by replacing one or more valves with a single Ultra Low Carryover Valve.


Parker Hannifin Precision Fluidics Division is excited to introduce X-Flow™, a new easy to use general purpose mass flow controller for your instrument, lab, or process needs. X-Flow™ delivers fast, repeatable, and reliable high accuracy flow control through proven Constant Thermal By-Pass Mass Measurement Technology coupled with our most popular digital communication protocols.

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