Designed for Mobile. Built to Perform.

P1M Series Mobile Open Circuit Medium Pressure Axial Piston Pump

P1M Series delivers higher speeds and efficiency that increases machine productivity, reduces costs, and extends pump life in a robust, compact envelope.

  1. Patented inlet design reduces erosion, cavitation, & pressure ripples
  2. Compact package allows a fit into tighter spaces
  3. Best-in-class power density due to higher pressure ratings, speeds, and efficiency
  4. Extensive/modular control options enable complete circuit customization
  5. Nine piston design reduces pressure ripples
  6. Standard dual shaft seals for wet PTO mounting

See the P1M in Action

Experience Ultimate Performance and Reliability in a Compact Package.

Technical Specifications

Units 28cc 45cc 54cc
Displacement cc/rev (in3/rev) 28 (1.71) 45 (2.75) 54 (3.29)
Maximum Continuous Pressure bar (psi) 280 280 250
Maximum Speed (at 1 bar abs inlet pressure) rpm 3200 3000 2900
Weight (non-thru drive) kg (lbs) 16.8 (37) 20.5 (45) 21.3 (47)
Maximum Case Pressure bar (psi) 2.0 (29) or 0.5 (7.3) above inlet
Fluid Temperature Range C (F)° -40 to 95 (-40 to 203)
Fluid Viscosity Continuous Range cSt 7 to 160
Maximum Fluid Viscosity cSt 5000 (cold start only)
Minimum Intermittent Fluid Viscosity cSt 6 (less than 1% of duty cycle)


The P1M Series is a perfect fit for mobile applications ranging from construction to refuse where system real estate is a premium. 
Construction Backhoe
Mining Truck
Utility Truck
Material Handling

Success Story: This is Increasing Productivity

The next generation mobile pump, P1M, increases an OEM’s construction equipment’s machine performance on the job. Additional results include: fuel savings, lower emission levels, and improved machine response.

Control Options
Electrical Displacement Control (Min or Max Default)
Electronic Pressure Control (Fan Drive Control)

The P1M Series is compatible with a wide variety of current control options. Optimize your application’s performance by combining your pump with the Electronic Displacement Control (EDC) that improves machine handling and productivity by supplying the exact amount of power in the moment it is need. 
For fan drive applications use pressure control and have the pump automatically regulate the fan speed.

  • Other control options include:
  • Pressure Compensator
  • Load Sense
  • Remote Compensator
  • Electronic Upload
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