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Learn About the Parker Products Used on the ORACLE TEAM USA 2017 Racing Yacht
Universal tester/pressurizer for verification, pressurization and nitrogen bleeding of hydraulic accumulators.
System architecture, hardware design and analysis for immediate support. Visit our customer support website.
Manifold and actuator design and analysis. Model shop support of small machined parts. Assembly and testing, electrical assembly, fabrication, 3D manifold printing. Visit website.
Custom composite accumulators to store hydraulic energy for immediate daggerboard motion, sustaining control, and safety of pitch control. Download brochure.
IQAN MD4 touchscreen control panel on board interface to monitor and adjust controls and sensors on boat. Joysticks provide the crew with a mechanical interface to control motions of proportional valves. Visit website.
Catalog static and dynamic actuator seals for use in actuators to provide low-friction, high-pressure sealing for control surface performance. Visit website.
Hydraulic pump gearboxes transform low speed, manual input from grinders into higher speed shaft rotation to increase hydraulic pump flow and capacity. Visit website.
Precision machining of hydraulic manifolds and actuator end glands. Fast response, light weight, precision manufacturing of critical custom designs for control of hydraulic systems. Contact us for custom designs.
Hydraulic cartridge valves for manifolds provide hydraulic logic control and the ability to perform engineering development of new control systems. Download brochure.
In-line quick disconnect valves provide a light weight unit to allow the disconnection of the wing from the boat during daily maintenance and pre/post sailing connection. No leakage, no air intrusion connection to preclude having to bleed system of air on a daily basis. Minimal pressure loss at high flow. Visit website.
Hydraulic system in-line filters support a reliable system in harsh environments by keeping contamination out of critical hydraulic components. Visit website.
High-pressure hydraulic hoses and hydraulic pumps for manual hydraulic power generation transform the human power into hydraulic power for motion of the boat control surfaces. Visit website.
Hydraulic motor/pump, accumulators, and variable displacement pumps provide the generation and storage of hydraulic power. Visit website.
Electrohydrostatic servovalves and associated seals allow the team to evaluate various control approaches to actuation surfaces on the yacht. Download brochure.
High-pressure fittings for control system hydraulic plumbing. Download brochure.
Intellinder position sensor for actuators provides optical sensor, feedback of actuator position for control system and crew displays. Download brochure.
Hydraulic motor/pump for world series boats provides hydraulic control of daggerboard pitch control. Visit website.
Hydraulic pump components are custom designed and ensure reliable power generation in the extreme operating environments of the race yachts. Visit website.
In-line valves and couplings can be used for both lab development of systems and as components within the final race system. Visit website.
Machining of custom hydraulic manifolds. Custom CNC manufacturing of a light-weight, corrosion-resistant manifold solution to fit the demands of the yacht. Visit website.
High-pressure hydraulic fittings withstand the weight of a 5,000 psi system to ensure leak-free connections to the complex network of tubing and hose across the yacht. Visit website.