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Of the alternative fuel choices available, none plays a more strategic role than natural gas in having a major positive impact on the environment and the economy. In fact, most energy outlooks see huge growth in the use of natural gas for transportation vehicles.

Regulatory standards in the natural gas market provide the assurance that components and systems used on board natural gas vehicles as well as at the fueling station have been independently scrutinized and monitored in their intended area of application and have met pre-defined criteria for safe use and performance. 

Natural Gas Vehicles
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  • The importance of testing and validation 
  • Descriptions and contact information for organizations that provide certifications for natural gas vehicles and dispensing stations
  • The different types of certifications for on vehicle and fueling station products
  • Types of extreme condition tests
  • Where to find assistance with certifications
  • Information on CNG inspector training and certification programs
"There is always a risk in using untested, unvalidated components in an NGV application. You face safety concerns as to whether the component can handle the pressure extremes and temperature variations. The biggest risk of using uncertified components is leakage. If you use a component that has not gone through the rigors of certification, you will not have the assessment that the component will not leak and become a safety hazard."
— Ken Loewenthal, product manager, alternative vehicle fueling, CSA Group
About the author
Steve Duricky, business development manager, Parker Hannifin.
Mr. Duricky has worked in business development at Parker for the past ten years. Today, his primary focus is on solutions for the natural gas industry. Mr. Duricky has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University and an MBA from Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.
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