NEW GMF iprotect®
medium pressure filter

A unique design solution ideal for applications where space is limited
The patented iprotect® elements are supplied with  quantumfiber™ filter media, which contains a broad filtration area providing low pressure loss, long service life and maximum protection even in cold and dynamic conditions. 

The iprotect® range is designed to offer quality filtration solutions for hydraulic systems, breaking new ground to reduce the cost of ownership by improving system productivity and profitability.

Covering a flow rate of up to 600 l/min at 70 bar working pressure, the GMF iprotect® is ideally suited for mobile and industrial equipment. 

The GMF features Parker’s iprotect® family of filter elements representing the next generation of patented filter elements for three readily defined reasons: 

  • Thanks to the patented construction of every iprotect element, the quality of filtration is guaranteed, as no ‘pirate spare parts’ can be used. This ensures that the iprotect® element remains the truly protective ‘DNA’ of hydraulic & lubrication systems. 
  • In addition to the ultimate protection of the system, the iprotect® family ensures that any environmental impact is minimised, by the retention and re-use of the filter element support core. 
  • iprotect® helps protect the environment by reducing environmental waste, typically by 50%.

Please contact Product Sales Manager Filtration,  email for more information.
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A NEW addition to Parker Hannifin’s filter range - the GMF iprotect® Series has been designed especially for applications calling for cost effective but quality filtration solutions. The  design is based on the EPF iprotect® high pressure filter series allowing more compact solutions, as the filter element remains in the filter bowl during change of filter element.