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Parker  is pleased to announce the release of the PAC Terminal (PT). The PT is a thin client HMI developed to work seamlessly with the Parker Automation Controller (PAC). With the PAC handling the control and HMI logic, the PT is responsible for displaying the embedded HMI as well as sending touch screen input from the user back to the PAC. As a thin client, the PT significantly reduces the overall system costs when compared to a traditional HMI—especially when connecting multiple PTs to a single PAC.

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Introducing Parker’s PAC Terminal (PT) Thin-client HMI
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Local, Remote, and Mobile HMI - Use the PT in conjunction with the PAC and Parker’s Remote Manager (RemoteMgr) app to provide both local, remote, and mobile visualizations all for a significantly lower overall cost of machine ownership. 

User Specific Access - User management tools inside Parker Automation Manager (PAM) allow machine developers create various user groups with different read/write access. This ensures that the right information can be projected to the right users. This provides unprecedented access to users in the office needing yield data, or to mobile factory managers needing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Whatever the data needed, it means added value to the end user and more money to the machine builder.

All-in-one Machine Design - The ability to provide a single solution and programming environment for PLC logic, HMI local and Remote visualization, as well as motion control makes the PAC an all-in-one machine controller capable of solving the most difficult applications with ease and reduced time to market.