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AC30 Variable Frequency Drive Family
Three Levels of Capability and Connectivity...
AC30V, AC30P, and AC30D models handle applications from simple shaft-turner to coordinated systems.
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AC30 Features and Functionality
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  • 1588 time synchronized peer to peer communications
  • Inbuilt Ethernet IP & Profinet
  • Modbus Server & Client
  • Dual encoder feedback
  • DSE Lite support
Enhanced Connectivity
Process Reliability
Greater Simplicity
  • Bumpless encoder failure override from closed-loop to open-loop
  • Intelligent trip and diagnostic technology
  • DSE Lite support
  • Easy to read visualisation of product and application parameters
  • Embedded webpages and overview dashboards
  • User customizable web server
  • DSE Lite support
All The Basics
Enhanced Communications
Systems Features
Supporting latest developments in IoT the AC30P is equipped with Profinet, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP/ IP via dual Ethernet ports. Using Parker software tools, this allows more advanced applications including multiple drive configurations. Plug in via one port and access multiple drives supported by 1588 time synchronized peer to peer communication. Option for resolver feedback. 
The best economical VFD choice for standalone applications. Though simple, its program can be modified with our easy to use DSE Lite or “Parker Drive Quicktool” (PDQ) to match your exact requirements. The configuration can then be downloaded using a simple SD card. With full access from any network via its own IP address the drive can be fully integrated into any automation system via the standard Ethernet port.
The AC30D model gives you all the features of the AC30P as well as dual encoder inputs and an encoder output - and an option for resolver feedback. This gives systems functionality to the AC30 allowing “electronic line shaft” phase locking between drives and registration control. This also frees up the on-board I/O plug-in slot to allow for even more I/O to be added if needed.
Common AC30 Power Section - Three Control Module Choices!
Extended Power Range - All units are now available through 350 HP
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AC30V, AC30P, and AC30D are now compatible with Parker DSE Lite software. Download the latest revision free of charge: 
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