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Automotive and Aerospace Dynamometers, Test Rigs
EV/HEV Component
Testing, Charging, Battery Simulation

Parker’s Electromechanical and Drives Division provides custom AC and DC drive systems for a variety of testing equipment used in numerous industries including automotive, industrial, and aerospace. Our reliable, high quality solutions provide manufacturers and OEM’s with the latest AC/DC Drives technology. Though Parker is a global company, we take pride in working with customers in an unassuming way, engineer to engineer.

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Parker Hannifin has over three decades of experience in test stands and dynamometers, both in the industrial and automotive arenas. If you want to learn more or have a question, get in touch by filling out the form below. 
Software Tools and Operator Interface
The powertrains used in electric and hybrid vehicles can present special challenges in the testing phase. High speed/high power electric motors have demanding test requirements, as do batteries and other components. Parker has the experience to design, build, and commission a system for these special needs. Parker offers custom systems configured to simulate any kind of battery load, and the bi-directional inverter design allows for systems that can either provide or absorb energy. 
Parker's wide power range of Active Front End Variable Frequency Drives are widely used in automotive engine and chassis dynamometers. As an absorber, the VFD returns energy to the line at near unity power factor, providing dramatic energy savings compared to eddy current and water brakes. 
Take control of your process with Parker HMI capabilities. Many systems are provided with operator control panels customized and pre-programmed to your specifications. 

Parker DSE (Drive System Explorer) is a comprehensive graphically driven, object oriented self documenting configuration and diagnostic tool for Parker's drive products. It offers a host of useful features, including a range of time-proven function blocks for applications such as PID control and more. DSE has no subscription fees while being intuitive and easy to use. 
  • Set up parameters and create projects
  • Configure drive I/O
  • Build applications using drag-and-drop function blocks
  • Monitor drive operation real-time
  • Chart variables on-line
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