Alternative Fuel Products: For HHP Applications

Precise and advanced metering and control

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EGC Mixer:
The electronic gas carburetor (EGC) precisely controls air/fuel ratio using variable pressure control combined with an advanced mixing venturi, making the job of the air fuel ratio controller much easier. Whether running in a rich burn mode with a catalyst, or lean burn, the EGC is equally effective at maintaining the desired air/fuel mix at any engine load.

GV 1 Control Valve: Designed to provide very fast and accurate air/fuel ratio control for gas engines, the GV 1 meters NG, field gas, propane and all forms of gaseous biofuels. The GV 1 is designed to be a full authority fuel valve controlling all of the fuel to the engine before it gets to the carburetor or mixing venturi. It is designed to operate at up to 28 psig when used in turbocharged applications or about 2 psig if used for a naturally aspirated engine.
Bestobell Cryogenic Valves: The broadest portfolio of cryogenic valves for rail, marine, and on-board fuel control. Technically advanced and precision engineered, these cryogenic valves are available in a comprehensive range of types including globe, actuated, gate, ball, wafer ball, safety and thermal relief, pressure regulator, pressure build up, lift and swing check, manifold and more.

FM50 Flow Meter
FM50 Flow MeterEngineered to support new agency requirements for fuel measurement on individual turbines, the FM50 Flow Meter delivers instantaneous flow or total recognized flow over a period of hours, days or months. In addition, the FM50 provides a true mass flow calculation which corrects for temperature and pressure fluctuations. Installation and commissioning is fast and easy.

Data can be stored locally or transmitted via: CANJ-1939, Modbus, or via a 2.4 GHz wireless radio. Every meter is calibrated at the factory. Auto zeroing corrects for pressure sensor drift each time the meter is powered down.

An integrated venturi used for flow measurement has been engineered to minimize pressure drop across the device.
CSA compliant.
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