One tool for all jobs
Calys is a unique in-house developed software that easily configures all parameters of the EPP4 Comfort range.
A cable reference 496449 is needed for the communication between the EPP4 and a PC.

Calys offers many capabilities:
  • Live monitoring (control signal, regulated pressure, supply voltage,…)
  • Recording of the main parameters (control signal, regulated pressure, supply voltage,…) in an Excel file
  • Free calibration for the inputs and outputs
  • Adjustable alarm (positive-negative, pressure limits, delays) 
  • Configuration files easy to duplicate
  • Complete and interactive help file
  • Data in 4 different pressure units
  • Menus in 4 languages (English, German, French and Italian)

*Please, find here the Calys license agreement.

**Calys Software is built on the Qt Framework by The Qt Company, licenced under the LGPL, versions 2.1 and 3. You can download the code source of this framework here. To design Calys software, the compiler used to compile this framework is MinGW4.9.2 32bits. This compiler is provided by Qt.

  Download Calys Software